Jamie Durie Rejuvenates Hayman Gardens

Jamie Durie Rejuvenates Famous Hayman Gardens

Two great Australians have been brought together to recreate a stunning garden landscape which, for so long, has provided an incredible backdrop to one of the top tourist playgrounds of the world.

Hayman has engaged award-winning landscape designer, horticulturalist, and personality, Jamie Durie, to rejuvenate and refresh the beautiful garden surrounds of the acclaimed resort.

With this special partnership, Hayman is proudly presenting a new botanical garden featuring some 33,000 magnificent new plants and 327 new species adding more colour and perfume to all parts of this 16 hectare landscaping masterpiece.

Jamie has drawn on his unconditional passion for the outdoors and a deep connection with nature and its many qualities, to guide him in recreating the breathtaking and tranquil Hayman garden landscape setting which was impacted by Tropical Cyclones Anthony and Yasi and forced the temporary closure of the resort until its reopening on 1 August 2011.

Joining Jamie and his award-winning design studio, Durie Design, in this significant rebirth of the spectacular gardens, have been Hayman team members who remained on the island throughout the period of closure and eagerly assisted with this special project.

Among the many pleasures of staying on Hayman over many years has always been the natural landscape and garden surrounds. Guests will once again be sharing this wonderful setting with a diversity of fascinating birds, butterflies and wildlife who have now returned to enjoy their island home.

The birdlife is vast and guests will most likely catch sight of White Cockatoos, Kookaburras, Stone Curlews, Pheasant Coucals, Herons and Egrets amongst the many varieties, while butterflies traditionally form a kaleidoscope of colour and vibrancy feasting on nectar of the Eucalyptus Trees. A truly spectacular sight is the resort’s Butterfly Trail, where these exquisite creatures gather to flutter in their thousands in spectacular glory.

Graceful swans and ducks continue to reside in the peaceful lagoons and ponds which meander throughout the gardens and Proserpine Rock Wallabies occupy the bush surrounds. A colony of the wallabies has populated the island over a number of years since Queensland Parks and Wildlife deemed Hayman to be the most suitable Australian location for establishing a new and thriving colony of these shy animals with the ongoing program hailed a great success.

“It is great to have Jamie involved in the design and evolving stages of our beautiful gardens on the island,” said Lloyd Donaldson, Head of Hotel Investments, Mulpha Australia and Managing Director, Hayman.

“Jamie is a highly respected and talented professional bringing his incredible energy and immense knowledge and expertise to Hayman, which over many years, has been acknowledged as one of the top resorts of the world.”

Jamie said he was “proud to be involved with one of Australia’s most prestigious and iconic resorts”.

“Over the years I have visited Hayman many times and have always been in awe of its natural beauty. Designing for Hayman certainly won’t feel like work for me. It is an honour, privilege and pleasure to design for Hayman. And with the support of the owners, management team and staff on the island, my team at Durie Design and I remain committed to not just rejuvenating the existing gardens, but offering exciting new outdoor destinations for the guests to enjoy in Hayman’s classic, sophisticated, yet under-stated style.”

Jamie is the author of eight best-selling garden design books, including The Outdoor Room, which continues to dominate Australian sales and has hosted over 32 prime time, top-rating overseas and Australian television programs, including The Outdoor Room, Australia’s Best Backyards, Backyard Blitz, The Block, with Backyard Blitz receiving seven Logie Awards. Jamie is currently filming the much anticipated Top Design for Channel 9 where architects and designers compete and Jamie is the host and judge.

Jamie hosts makeover shows in the US and is a regular guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show. He designs a range of outdoor furniture and gardening products, PATIO by Jamie Durie and Jamie Durie signature products. Jamie has won over 30 awards for his design work throughout the world.

Jamie’s career began in 1998 after completing four years of study in horticulture and landscape design. Jamie and his team design prestigious resorts in the Middle East, Singapore, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia. He is an Ambassador to organisations including Plan International, Children’s Cancer Institute and Planet Ark and is an official Al Gore Climate Project Presenter.

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